The rules of the Modded smp 

General rules 

1. Do not share server IP and port without permision

2. Any lag machines or machines that where made with intent to cause lag to the server is not allowed

3 .Major griefing is not allowed and will be determined if it is major on a case by case basis   

 4. Do not be a dick

5. Do not spam the chat it will resault in muting


Demon slayer mod rules

1. You can not be a hybrid   

1a. A hybrid is defined as becoming a strong slayer then becoming a demo

2. if you ever unlock sun breating you can NOT become  a demon





As of now the only good that you can unlock via asking a modderator is yoriichi's sword Steps below.

To unlock Yoriichi's sword you must be a sun breather have defeated all upper moons, lower moons, Muzan and tanjiro demon then once you unlcok Yoriichi's sword you must only use sunbreathing and no other arts for fighting if caught the sword will be taken away.